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Analytics Included in Every Package
Engagement Analytics

Engagement Analytics

Number of followers/likes acquired, App store visits, hashtag discussions, vCard downloads, time spent on mobile sites, pages viewed on your site and more.

Device Analytics

Device Analytics

Get a visual summary of the type of mobile devices that were used and operating systems.

Location Analytics

Location Analytics

Google Analytics-style map with locations of where the tap or scan took place, including street view if supported.

How NFC Hound Works

Create the Campaign(s) of Your Choice in the App

Select from 7 different campaign types: Hashtags, Social Media, App Stores, Reviews, Lead Capture, Networking/vCard or Websites/Direct URLs.

Buy Tags from the App or Products from our Site

Choose from various types of tags: stickers, tokens, cards and more. Or buy ready-to-go NFC enabled products from our website.

Code NFC Tags & Create QR Codes from the App

You can purchase NFC tags already coded or code them yourself using a variety of apps on your Android phone. QR codes can be created in the App.

Find Strategic Spots for Your Campaigns

On table tents, countertop displays, business cards, product tags and more. Create customer interaction like you’ve never seen!

NFC Tags Explained

What are NFC tags?

NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data such as text or numbers between two NFC enabled devices. NFC tags contain small microchips with little antennas which can store a small amount of information for transfer to another NFC device, such as a mobile phone.

What Can Be Stored?

There’s a whole set of different data types you can store on an NFC tag. The actual amount of data varies depending on the type of NFC tag used – different tags have different memory capacities. For example, you may choose to store a URL (web address) or a telephone number. A standard ‘Ultralight’ chip NFC tag can store a URL of around 41 characters, whereas the newer NTAG213 chip NFC tag can store a URL of around 132 characters.

This is what stores the data on the tag. The maximum amount of data depends on the type of NFC tag, and can be from 64 bytes (41 characters) up to 168 bytes (132 characters).
The antenna can come in many shapes and sizes. From circles, to squares, rectangles and more. The NFC reader (mobile device) powers the antenna, which reads the data on the memory chip.
This is what the NFC chip is mounted on. It can be a sticker, embedded into a plastic card or token, or even into fabrics. The type of inlay is determined by its intended purpose.

Which Phones Support NFC?

Right now, almost all mobile smart phones support NFC and the vast majority excluding Apple’s iPhone can both read and encode tags. NFC.Today suggest that you use an Android still for encoding tags but there’s some good Apps available now on the Windows phone. We run a list of NFC enabled phones.


Source: NFC.Today