Send people directly to
your website
a product page
an event page
any URL!

Promoting a product or service? Planning an event? Want more website traffic? Basically, if it’s on the internet, you can promote it directly. URL campaigns are the most common and versitile campaign type because there’s virtually no limit to what you can promote, or where you can send your customers.

 …and it’s all trackable.

Promote Your Social Media Channels

Make it easy to get more Facebook fans, Twitter and Google+ followers, and YouTube subscribers – all with one tap or scan from their phone. Just place NFC tags and QR codes in high-traffic spots and watch your fan base grow.

 …don’t forget, you can track the results.

Promote Your
Retail Products
Mobile Apps
Professional Services
for Less Than Paid Advertising

Running ad campaigns for your products or services through Google or other means can get very expensive very quickly. Typically, the more traffic you get, the more you pay. With a NFC Hound campaign, you pay the same monthly fee regardless of traffic. All membership levels come with unlimited taps/scans.

 …oh yeah, and it all comes with tracking.

Ready to Get Started?

There’s no required long term commitment. Month-to-month, quarterly or annual plans are available to fit any budget. There are no limitations on the amount of traffic your campaigns generate.

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Streamlined Product & Service Reviews

Grow your library of reviews on Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, your website, and anywhere else your customers go to leave comments, reviews and ratings. Still using paper comment cards in your restaurant? Create an online customer feedback form on your website while automatically building an email subscribe list.

 …did we mention, it all comes with tracking?

The Perfect Tool for App or Music Store Campaigns

What better way to get people to download your mobile app or music than to promote it through a mobile campaign? Send people directly to your app or music in all major mobile app stores: Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Amazon.

 …umm, yeah…you get the point.


Faster & Easier Event Ticket Purchasing & RSVP

Does your establishment have regularly occurring live entertainment? Right now your audience has to: type in your website address, click on your event calendar, click on the event page, then click on the purchase ticket link before they can finally purchase a ticket. With a NFC Hound campaign, just one tap or scan and customers are sent directly to the ticket purchase page. Just need a simple RSVP? Create a campaign that sends them to an online RSVP form, or populate an email or text message right on their phone. All they have to do is tap ‘Send’.

 …need we say more?